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Brand profile

Zhejiang Kodisen Environmental Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. was born in Taizhou,Zhejiang, which is a fresh air system manufacturer concentrate on developing the idea of energy-saving, purifying and environment-protection, improve the living environment quality of life. Our company has been the OEM designated supplier in China of environment-protecting air-conditioning and air purify series products.

Kodisen factory detailed annotation

Zhejiang Kodisen Environmental Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. was born in Taizhou,Zhejiang, covers an area of more than 35000 square meters, with an annual capacity of 2 billion Yuan. company has become the chinese specialized ventilator company integrating R&D, manufacture, sales and service while multiple Shanghai Jiaotong University and Xi'an Jiaotong University and other research partners, dozens of technical backbone, with the unique design and first-class quality to face market. It can be developed according to the customer request, create and design a variety of non-standard products with OEM, maximize too meet customer satisfaction. Mainly products series include Energy recovery ventilator (ERV), Heat recovery ventilator(HRV) ,AHU,Heat exchanger core,heating&cooling ventilator, In-line duct fans, Quiet Fans, Centrifugal industrial Fan, accessory etc. Heat recovery ventilator testing by heat exchange test from Air conditioning test center in China, with heat exchange test center approved by the national, passed the state for the record and acquired the national performance testing device certification, while build with noise, enthalpy difference, air flow test center, this ensures the products out of the factory meet the requirements of Chinese national standard, and reach strategic cooperative agreements with domestic and international well-known enterprise. Exported to Europe, Middle East and many developed countries, enjoy a great reputation in the industry.

Kodisen Brand purposes

In order to meet the global ecological environment sustainable development need, aim to bring fresh air to everyone, introduced advanced high-end technology, turned to remove tiny harmful bacteria, build the forest environment. Company based on unique air exchange system as the development direction of improve the living environment, take fresh air into thousands of family. We hope to cooperate with the community, go hand-in-hand,to build a cleaner, a greener way of life.

Brand declaration

2001KODISEN was founded in Zhejiang province

2001America ROCH provide technology, becoming domestic environment-protecting air-conditioning and air-exchange products specify OEM manufacturer

2005KODISEN into the industry of indoor fresh air system

2007awarded many national industrial patents certificate, automatic patents certificate, and so on.

2009KODISEN fresh air system annual value more than 2 billion yuan at home and abroad

20011Electrostatic precipitation for the first time. Multiple PM2.5 filter, such as the use of fresh air equipment.

20013Product distribution 23 cities around the world, selected China fresh air system top 10 brands

20014KODISEN has been awarded nationally innovative technology enterprise and provide innovation fund

20016fresh air system field leading comfortable ventilation equipment, heat recovery system, ventilation accessories supplier

Brand concept

Our mission:

High standard, strict requirements, do my duty, good reputation.

Our Belief:

Training top-notch talents, creating the best group, producing one class of product, set up top-class enterprise.

Our operating principles:

Quality is the life of enterprise, is basis of enterprises growth and development, facing fierce competition in the market, stringent quality control, We were able to win a magic weapon!

Our career goals:

Create wealth! Create social value! Employees a happy and peaceful life, well-respected company, lead the wave, continual innovation, to be the leader of this industry.

Our three important styles:

Conscientious, fast, keep commitments.

Our three code of conduct:

Face the music, no excuse, never give up!

Brand declaration

Offline partner

Brand declaration

Global marketing strategy

America, England, Germany, Italian, Spain, Russia, Japan, Shenzhen... ...

KODISEN in 132 countries around the world so far, Xianggang, America, Shenzhen, Anhui established offline counters, and have been become a household name of fresh air system.

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