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KODISEN continue to cooperate with merchants, partners, land agent;

KODISEN have completed various types of many project cases, across private house, high-end apartment, luxury villa, office building, malls, theaters, hospitals in China; As for the clean of buildings with strict requirement for sanitation, which is widely used in the fields of chip, electric, hospitals, these are all KODISEN people’s pride, in one especially project cases have been awarded Benchmarking project by National air conditioning design institute.

Huzhou Dong wu square

The research was develop by Zhejiang Dadongwu group,Dong wu Century Plaza is a large project which combines shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering,cultural,traveling, high-rise residential.

The project adopts 1160 sets room heat exchange ventilation and 765 sets commercial silent fans. The project was completed in 2010.

Wuhan OCT

Wuhan OCT is a central enterprise under the administration of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, a large comprehensive project which is force on central region in our country, with Happy valley theme park chain at the core.

The project adopts 2260 sets self-balancing blower, the project’s first phase was completed in 2009,the second stage is 2012.

Dalian Wanda Hilton Hotel

Hilton Dalian is situated in Dalian donggang district, with a totally area of 35000 square meters, it’s good to watch music fountain.

Hangzhou Starlight internationa mansion

Location of Project: between Qianjian 3 bridge and for bridge,the west side of the Binjiang government,and house, commercial buildings, well-equipped apartments,office buildings are the main.

Sichuan China Pharmaceutical Group

The project began in 2008, KODISEN take the germ filter into fresh air tower PCs for the first time. Fresh-Air System let pharmaceutical air replacement achieved its purification standard for the first time.

Taizhou Wenling Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital

Wenling Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital established in March 1997, and its predecessor was Obstetric and Gynecology agency founded in 1953,gather medical treatment,health care,prevention,scientific research, public sanitary management combined into one nonprofit specialized hospital.

  • 浙江计生科研楼
  • 温州乐清体育馆
  • 绍兴嵊新办事处
  • 济南同圆设计院6分院办公楼
  • 浙江省台州市黄岩区人民政府
  • 成都市公安局刑侦办公楼
  • 局培训基地
  • 广东省旅游大厦
  • 上海长江医院
  • 北京疾控中心
  • 北京六里桥燃烽医药有限公司
  • 湖南省益阳市人民医院
  • 宜昌三盈乐器湖北科益药业
  • 南昌阿一鲍鱼
  • 营口华联大饭店
  • 廊坊艾力枫社酒店
  • 西安市王子饭店
  • 山东福山宾馆
  • 深圳宝安国际机场候机楼
  • 深圳大运会大运村
  • 福建宁德核电站
  • 天津和昌环保技术有限公司
  • 深圳远通塑胶制品公司
  • 邯郸供电公司多功能培训教室
  • 大唐电力潮州发电公司文体楼
  • 台州百度沸城酒吧
  • 温岭名门夜宴KTV
  • 上海浦东银豪KTV
  • 钻石年华娱乐中心
  • 南通港闸重工会所
  • 流星花园休闲娱乐中心
  • 上海松江杏林佳苑
  • 济南碌城玉兰广场
  • 九州湾新世界小区
  • 泉州宝珊花园
  • 杭州西溪蝶园
  • 杭州滨江天恒大厦
  • 杭州日出钱塘大厦
  • 上海平高世贸中心
  • 上虞市百官广场
  • 杭州钱江新城中天大厦
  • 武汉市江夏区和平农业工业园
  • 上海雪国高榕生物技术有限公司
  • 北京种植场
  • 韶关市白土工业园食用菌基地
  • 北京京信食用菌基地
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